Special Chewable Formula

Mezotrace Chewables | mezotrace.comA perfect blend for both children and adults who have difficulty swallowing tablets.

The chewable tablet is composed of Mezotrace® minerals and trace elements with some mint flavoring added.

Mezotrace® is a 100 percent natural and unique mineral-rich carbonate compound with abundant calcium, magnesium and trace elements. It contains 11 of the known 17 essential minerals for optimum health, and 64 minerals altogether. Mezotrace® is the most complete source of naturally occurring combinations and amounts of primary and essential minerals and trace elements (micronutrients) known to exist.

Mezotrace® Minerals & Trace Elements Special Chewable Formula

120 tablets


Serving Size: 2 tablets
MineralAmount Per Serving (average analysis)Daily Value
Calcium630 mg.90%
Magnesium385 mg.674%
Iron0.9 mg.12%
Manganese0.1 mg.< 1%
Chromium7.5 mcg.68%
Sodium0.4 mg.*
Potassium0.05 mg.< 1%
Iodine6 mcg.< 1%
Zinc0.01 mg.< 1%
Copper0.01 mg.33%
Ingredients: MEZOTRACE Natural Carbonate Mineral Complex, Pure Crystalline Fructose, Vegetable Stearate, Cellulose, Natural Flavoring, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate and Chlorophyll.
Actual product ingredients may vary due to differences of the rock formation at the mine site. Due to the minerals in this product being mined and new FDA laws, the supplemental facts box may change from lot to lot. Additionally, MEZOTRACE® contains many trace elements.*

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