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Mezotrace® is a 100 percent natural and unique mineral-rich carbonate compound with abundant calcium, magnesium and trace elements. It contains 11 of the known 17 essential minerals for optimum health, and 64 minerals altogether. Mezotrace® is the most complete source of naturally occurring combinations and amounts of primary and essential minerals and trace elements (micronutrients) known to exist.

Mezotrace® appears to have a great many uses in human health and nutrition. For 30 years people who have used it have reported relief from the pain and stiffness associated with arthritic conditions, bursitis, bone spurs and other bone/joint ailments, and it appears to be effective as an aid to more rapid healing from bone and joint injuries and operations. Additionally, Mezotrace® may provide support in relieving leg cramping and muscle spasms, in promoting healthier hair and nail growth, in cleansing and regulating the digestive system and bowels (thus promoting greater colonic health). It may also help reduce physical and mental stresses.

By popular demand we have combined Mezotrace® in various formulas, some to include vitamin D, others to include nutrients believed to help joint health. We also offer a multivitamin to use as a companion product to the Mezotrace® mineral offerings.



Mezotrace Calcium-Magnesium |


Mezotrace® Calcium/Magnesium

Natural Minerals & Trace Elements
Contains the most complete source of naturally occurring combinations of primary and essential minerals and trace elements known to exist.

Mezotrace Calcium-Magnesium with Vitamin D |

Mezotrace® Calcium/Magnesium with Vitamin D

Natural Minerals & Trace Elements
Same as original with Vitamin D added.

Mezotrace Chewable |

Mezotrace® Calcium/Magnesium Chewable

Natural Minerals & Trace Elements
A perfect blend for both children and adults who have difficulty swallowing tablets. The chewable tablet is composed of MEZOTRACE® minerals and trace elements with some mint flavoring added.


Mezotrace Mezo-G |


Mezotrace® Mezo-G

Minerals with Glucosamine and MSM
Our core mineral product with additional glucosamine, vitamin D and MSM.

Calcium-Magnesium Powder |

Mezotrace® Calcium/Magnesium Powdered Minerals

Natural Minerals & Trace Elements
Same as Mezotrace original formula but in powder form.



Mezotrace Multivitamin |

Mezotrace® MultiVitamins Balanced Formula

Tablets especially formulated to provide correct vitamin supplementation for users of MEZOTRACE® Calcium/Magnesium Natural Minerals & Trace Elements.


Animal Formulas

Mezotrace Special Dog |

Mezotrace® Special Dog Formula

An exclusive blend of minerals, trace elements, and natural vitamins necessary for improving the health of your dogs and cats. This is the same product we have always had with a PET FORMULA.

Mezotrace Vitaquine |

Mezotrace® Special Equine Formula in Pellet Form (Vitaquine®)

This premium grade nutritional supplement is formulated to provide the horse with vital minerals, trace elements, and vitamins needed for proper maintenance, growth, reproduction, and performance.

Horse Supplements:

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